Sapphire Inspection Systems have superior applications to manage the safety inspection of almost all beverage product and container types.

Tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages, infant milk, canned carbonated drinks, soft drinks, juices with pulp and added food matter, from glass and plastic bottles to metal containers and pouches, the beverage sector presents many variables for safety inspection.

As well as our highly sensitive glass-in-glass solutions, our range of systems are able to detect:

  • Conformity of fill levels (for individual containers to inspecting by case load).
  • Missing containers or bottles in packaged cases.
  • Broken and empty containers or bottles at end-of-line (reduce case load spoiling).
  • Seal and cap verification.
  • Product completeness (such as straws attached to drinking cartons and ring pulls on cans).

Drinks lines operate at high speed and the fragile nature of glass containers can be compromised by conveyor transfers. Sapphire’s systems can be integrated to your line without disrupting your current conveyor system, ensuring a seamless inspection without disruption to your throughput speeds.