For manufacturers who don’t have onsite x-ray inspection or find themselves with a very specific inspection need that would disrupt the usual running of their production line, Sapphire Scan (previously Euro Scan) offers off-site x-ray inspection.

With our state of the art Sapphire Inspection System x-ray machines, we can run checks on products for:

  • Mechanical or human error (for example where you are aware a contaminant has entered the production line such as an item of machinery).
  • Fill level inconsistency (where your production line has caused an error in product fill we can identify which of your batch conform and can continue to the retailer).
  • Seal Inspection (where you have identified an inconsistency with the seal integrity on a line, we can inspect for products that are safe to continue to the retailer).

Returned products are packaged into ‘conforming’ and ‘reject’ pallets with a full report to help you identify where errors in your production line have occurred. Additional anomalies and omissions are often discovered in our inspection process and are included in your report, without additional charge.


Rework/Offsite Inspection


  1. Customer identifies they have a problem (for example a contaminant is known to be in the production line such as a piece of metal from a machine).
  2. You call or email Sapphire Scan about offsite x-ray inspection/rework.
  3. Sapphire Scan will ask for a sample of the product to be sent to the facility in Barnsley for testing to confirm contaminant sizes.
  4. Product test report sent back to you and then you decide if you would like Sapphire Scan to inspect your products.
  5. Product is then sent to Sapphire Scan for off-site inspection.
  6. Inspection of products takes place.
  7. All products are checked for BBE dates and missing stickers etc after they have been inspected via x-ray.
  8. Non-conforming products are separated from the conforming.
  9. Arrange collection of products.
  10. Products are sent back to customer (or you can choose to have the good products sent to the customer and the rejects back to your site).
  11. Report is sent to you with pictures of the rejects for you to analyse.

X-ray Machine Rental

Renting a Sapphire x-ray inspection system is a useful solution for manufacturers who:

  • Have large quantities of products they would like to inspect but do not have x-ray inspection facilities on-site.
  • Have a product type that needs inspecting but cannot leave the site (pharma, frozen, chilled)

All we need to install the machine:

  • Offloading facilitates
  • Single-phase 3 pin socket
  • Ethernet or wireless internet connection
  • 6-bar air supply (if the machine has an automatic reject mechanism)

We deliver, install, pre-setup your product and then train your operators to use the x-ray machine.


There is no deposit required to rent our machinery.

The minimum rental term is 12 weeks, paid upfront.

The total cost of the rental of the Sapphire machinery is the rental term plus the delivery, installation and collection of the machine.

If you rent the machine long term and then decide you would like to buy the machine we can discuss this with you on a case by case basis.

Contact Sapphire Scan:

Tel: +44(0) 1226 69000