Bone and contaminant detection for fresh poultry

G120 Visum

The Sapphire Visum G120 is a revolution in fresh poultry examination and is the first to feature the superior TrueDual™ inspection

Sapphire TrueDual™ is a dual energy inspection solution that has been developed to deliver the most reliable bone and contaminant detection.
Dual energy x-ray inspection (DEXA) was originally conceived for the medical field. Sapphire have harnessed and reconfigured this technique for the food industry.

The data from low energy and high energy images are combined creating a superior single and more reliable inspection result, making the Sapphire Visum G120 inspection system perfect for end of line poultry inspection.
The option to include a logistic conveyor has been incorporated into the system’s design to significantly reduce wastage.

A rejected product that contains bone is detected and automatically returned to an operator who uses the image to identify the area, remove the bone and send the product along the original line for a second inspection.

In addition to detecting bones, other contaminants such as glass, metal and stone will be captured in the inspection ensuring your products’ safety.

The Sapphire Visum G120 inspection system has been designed specifically to adhere to the highest hygiene standards in poultry production. User-friendly, easy to clean and maintain and fully supported with remote service online 24/7.

Ensure your product safety, deliver bone and contaminant free poultry with this automatic end of line system.

Key Features

  • Sapphire TrueDual™ & laser scan technology.
  • High data sensitive chicken bone detection.
  • Add in a rework line or reject feature.
  • Low false reject rate.
  • Easy to operate touchscreen function.
  • IP69K standard with easy dismantle for hygienic washdown.

Superior Performance

  • Easy to operate touchscreen interface.
  • Dual lane indexing conveyor.
  • Utilises Cheyney technology.
  • UK manufactured with full Sapphire servicing.

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