Designed for Large Rigid Containers


The Sapphire G50 inspects large rigid containers such as glass jars, cans and tins.

Sapphire’s G50 incorporates dual linear array technology, unrivalled for its sensitivity, speed and sophistication. This dual detector technology ensures that even very thin materials, such as a thin glass shard within a thick glass container, are detected.

Where transfer from one conveyor to another is problematic, the G50 can be designed as an ‘up and over’ system that fits on your existing conveyor. Alternatively, it can be designed with an integral conveyor.

Key Features

  • Can fit on an existing conveyor or built with an integral conveyor
  • Dual beam detection captures even thin glass shards
  • Hygienic design, up to FMSA standard
  • Containers as high as 300mm
  • Easy user interface and controls
  • 24-hour worldwide system support

Superior performance

  • Two independent x-ray generators and dual linear array technology.
  • Contaminant detection (metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics).
  • Unrivalled in the industry for sensitivity, speed and sophistication.
  • Confirms container integrity.
  • Confirms fill levels.

Product Leaflet


Download G50 Leaflet