Inspection & Measurement System


The G80 series of Sapphire Inspection Systems is designed for large products and cases.

From dairy items, such as blocks of chees to boxed snack foods such as crisps and nuts, the G80 can inspect virtually any discrete packaged item or loose bulk flow that can travel by conveyor up to 400mm high by 400 mm wide.

The Sapphire dual linear array ensures that every part of the product is inspected. Where contaminants can not be seen in one direction they are detected in the other orientation.

Superior contaminant identification is achieved using Sapphire’s exclusive capabilities for high sensitivity imaging thanks to our expertise in low energy technology, the G80 detects even thin contaminants such as metal flakes.

In addition to contaminant inspection, the Sapphire G80 also scans for missing and broken parts, packing voids, fill levels as well as confirming count and mass.

Key Features

  • Dual Beam technology
  • Inspects cases up to 24” wide
  • Multiple configurations – trays, pouches, bulk flow, bottles and cans.
  • Hygienic design, up to FSMA standard
  • Quick and easy wash down
  • Easy user interface and controls

Superior Performance

  • Contaminant detection (metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics).
  • Scanning for mass, missing or broken products.
  • Detecting packing voids.
  • Confirming fill levels.
  • Isolating reject based on contamination or check-weigh non-conformities.

Product Leaflet


Download G80 Leaflet