Innovative Automatic Inspection


The G20 represents the most innovative offering in the field of automatic inspection.

Approved inspection suppliers and compliant to BRC, Tesco and M&S standards, the Sapphire G20 series is our most sought after and adaptable system with a wide range of capabilities.

This system can be configured for a wide range of products from packaged items to loose-product flows. The G20 conveyor inspection system can inspect virtually any discrete packaged item or continuous bulk product flows.

Superior contaminant identification is achieved using Sapphire’s exclusive capabilities for high sensitivity imaging thanks to our expertise in low energy technology.

Sapphire’s G20 combines advanced linear array technology with inspection algorithms proven for the most difficult inspections.

Key Features

  • Adaptable ergonomic design
  • Inspects wide product range including bulk flow
  • Hygienic design, up to FSMA standard
  • Quick and easy wash down
  • Easy user interface and controls
  • 24-hour worldwide system support

Superior performance

  • Contaminant detection (metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics).
  • Scanning for mass, missing or broken products.
  • Detecting packing voids.
  • Isolating reject based on contamination or check-weigh non-conformities.

Adaptable Configurations

  • Flexible layout
  • Available in curtainless configurations
  • Binless, single or double reject bin options
  • Integrated checkweigher option
  • Seal verification option
  • Standard and IP69K design

Product Leaflet


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