As a dairy manufacturer, you face some of the fastest production rates, most stringent hygiene standards and greatest opportunities for recall.

Sapphire Inspection Systems are capable of inspecting a wide range of dairy products, including: butter, cheese, milk and milk based drinks, yoghurt, ice-cream, powdered products and milk based sauces and creams.

With multiple inspection points (pipe-line, end-of-line) there are many ways to ensure the safety of your products from contamination. A Sapphire system will offer more than just product safety. We can protect your customer relationship by inspecting for:

  • Ensuring accurate fill levels on liquid based products like milk and yoghurt.
  • Mass measure (ensure blocks of cheese are cut to accurate weight measurement).
  • Component verification (ensure that items such as yoghurts with added toppings contain both items in their packaging).
  • Zoned mass inspection (ensure that a tray of items, such as yoghurts, is complete).
  • Seal and cap inspection.

Our systems meet the highest hygiene standards and can be adapted in design to fit the specific requirements of your production lines.