From individual chocolate bars, to loose sweets, packaged gum and candies (including those in metal and foil packaging), boxed chocolates, candy bars and chews and jars of boiled sweets and other confectionary items – the inspection requirements for the confectionary sector are wide ranging.

Sapphire Inspection Systems have an equally wide range of solutions that can provide a range of safety and inspection checks on your products, including:

  • Contaminant detection, including glass in glass containers and products packaged in foil.
  • Seal inspection.
  • Check for product completeness (such as ensuring a box of chocolates is complete).
  • Detect non-conformities, such as a chocolate bar that is missing a filling.
  • Mass measure to ensure that your product weight is accurate.

Our systems deliver more than just product safety by reducing the opportunity for recall due to contamination. Our customers have saved money and time by repurposing products where machine failure has neglected to apply a key ingredient. We have also seen customers reduce their product complaints by up to 90% where our systems have been introduced to ensure product completeness and zoned mass across their line.