Sapphire have a long history of partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry. Sapphire have been a leading force in advancing medical device development and reliability, by providing cutting edge x-ray and area sensor solutions.

Over 20 years ago, we developed highly sensitive inspection systems that could measure the dose level of powdered drugs, since then we have worked with R&D teams worldwide on a variety of pharmaceutical projects.

Sapphire systems combine low energy x-ray imaging with APS technologies, offering a resolution 10 times greater than traditional end-of-line x-ray technology and increased sensitivity.

Drug Delivery Device Inspection

Checking drug delivery devices for product integrity, including pumps and injectable pens.

Air Bubble Detection

Inspecting liquid medicines for gas bubbles in imperative for safe delivery. We can detect gas bubbles as small as 0.3mm in liquids contained within plastic tubes such as GLP1 slow release osmotic pumps.

Mass Measurement

Sapphire’s systems can measure the dose level of powdered drugs to a repeatability of <0.1mg in dose carriers, including powder inhaler devices, peelable strips, ring carries and dosing from pellets.

As standalone systems or integration solutions, Sapphire systems are subject to GAMP®5 design standards and incorporate data integrity according to 21 CFR Part 11. Bespoke projects would be subject to qualification at every stage (DQ, PQ, IQ, OQ).

The constant evolution within the pharmaceutical and medical industries demands highly skilled and experienced engineers to develop new applications for custom projects. Our talented and experienced R&D team have a solid understanding of the standards and demands for these fields, making custom project collaboration easier for your teams.

A Series

The A Series is a compact but sophisticated, entry level x-ray system for automatic, end of line inspection.

Medical Devices