High Speed Inspection System


Designed for large packaged products and cartons, the Sapphire G40 is a state of the art, high-speed inspection system.

The versatile system is can inspect a wide range of products and container types, from multi-packs of snack foods and dairy products to bulk foods and trays of meat.

Sapphire’s advanced linear array technology delivers superior performance in identifying contaminants, scanning for missing or broken products, detecting packing voids and confirming fill levels.

This system has been created to easily fit into existing conveyor systems and the quick release belt allows simple dismantling and wash down.

Available with a range of reject options including retracting belt conveyors and pneumatic pushers.

Key Features

  • Custom systems to 614mm wide
  • Adaptable ergonomic design
  • Inspects wide product range including bulk flow
  • Hygienic design, up to FSMA standard
  • Rates of 100 metres a minute
  • Easy user interface and controls

Superior performance

  • Contaminant detection (metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics).
  • Scanning for mass, missing or broken products.
  • Detecting packing voids.
  • Isolating reject based on contamination or check-weigh non-conformities.

Product Leaflet


Download G40 Leaflet